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Guest Application: 

Last day to apply to be a guest for SWFL SteamCon is when space runs out. 

We are now accepting guest authors,  prop masters, & guest cosplayers.

Apply to be a Special Guest or Panelist / Performer


Cosplay Guest Applicants:

Cosplay guests applicants need to be 18+ and have experience with creating their own Steampunk costumes and/or props. We are primarily looking for Steampunk specialty guests who are willing to judge or organize one of the many steampunk themed duels or assist in another manner with the convention as well.

Guest Authors & Artists:

Guests authors & artists need to be 18+, should be steampunk or fantasy related,  

and should have a minimum 1000 likes on a single social media platform, or bestselling novel status.  

Upload File

Thank you for your interest in being a special guest for SWFL SteamCon 2022!

 Please allow us up to 2-3 days to respond to your email.

Since our email provider sometimes blocks emails / flags them as spam; Please make sure to check your spam/junk mail for a reply from us. Please feel free to message us through facebok if you do not recieve a reply from your email.

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