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Charles A Cornell              


                        CHARLES A CORNELL suffers from Overactive Imagination Disorder, an                                  incurable condition that fills his mind with three dimensional puzzles of stacked                      what-if questions that cry out for answers. Charles fuels his creativity amidst                          the chaos of a busy life in his writer’s den in Fort Myers Florida where he                                dreams up whimsical adventures that range from the satirical to the macabre. 

His dieselpunk series, DragonFly explores the incredibly turbulent times during the 1940s and the ‘what ifs’ that might have been. DragonFly follows the journey of Veronica Somerset as she battles the odds to become Britain’s first female fighter pilot. 

Packed with full color illustrations and black and white 'retrographs', DragonFly conjures up a whole new world of fantastic technology, dangerous fighting machines and wizards battling across the boundary between good and evil in a World War re-imagined like never before. A 2014 Royal Palm Literary Award Finalist in Science Fiction, DragonFly is a retro-futuristic collision of science fiction and fantasy with a generous dash of alternative history. 

               His FBI serial killer novel Tiger Paw won the 2012 Royal Palm Literary Award for                    Best Thriller from the Florida Writers Association. Tiger Paw blends action and                        intrigue with psychological suspense and asks the questions, how far will someone                  go to sell his soul to the Devil? And what if the Devil seeks revenge? 

Charles is also a member of the Alvarium Experiment, a cooperative of award-winning         authors whose short story anthologies include The Prometheus Saga about an alien probe       observing mankind throughout our history, and Return To 
Earth, stories about first contact... with ourselves.

                                          You can follow Charles' musings on science fiction,                                                                   retrofuturism and dieselpunk at his blog,                                                                         

                                         Enter the world of DragonFly at DragonFly Home Base

                                                    Amazon Author Page: Charles A Cornell

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