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The Official Rules of Splendid Teapot Racing

On October 14, 2017 Splendid Teapot Racing was held in Fort Myers for the first time ever at our SWFL Writers Showcase: Alternate Realities  Steampunk & Fantasy Expo!  

The first Splendid Teapot Race was created by Simone Montgomery in New Zealand and held at the SteampunkNZ Festival in Oamaru, New Zealand in 2014. The race vehicle is a teapot attached to a radio controlled truck or car that has been modified, the teapots themselves can also be modified. The Teapots have a timed obstacle course to race on and are awarded points from:overall look of the teapot, each hazard successfully negotiated, completion of the course, bribery of the judges, and showmanship (dress, singing, dancing, joking, ect). For complete list of rules and required teapot specs go to

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