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Allan Dyen-Shapiro               


                             Allan Dyen-Shapiro is a Ph.D. biochemist whose non-linear career has taken him through                               the worlds of science and education and left him with many stories to tell. He will be                                       finishing up his first novel soon and will then be looking for an agent/publisher. He has                                   sold short stories to Stupefying Stories, Nebula Rift, Digital-SF, and AntipodeanSF, has                                   been published in two anthologies from Melange Press, and has his first professional                                       market sale to the anthology Clash of the Titles (edited by Gil Bavel). Links to all of these plus some bonus freebie stories are on his website: You can also access his blog from the website, which focuses on issues of relevance to those who would like his fiction: science, environmentalism, futurism, writing, and science fiction. Most (but not all) of what he writes would be considered post-cyberpunk.
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