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Audrey, a retired Pulitzer-Prize-nominated reporter, is editor for Bold Venture Press. Publishers Weekly Reviews for books she has selected include this one, as example, for a new sci-fi work The Twilight Patrol By Stuart Hopen: https://www. 5426-7585-7 

Audrey also has authored numerous books of her own including Pulp Noir which has this review by H.P. Lovecraft scholar Ken Faig, Jr.on March 19, 2017 (Amazon):


Audrey Parente is as an acute an observer of the Florida scene and its people as Carl Hiaasen and based on her own experience as a reporter could probably write an entire series of mysteries with a Florida-based investigative journalist as the principal if she wished to do so. ... Whether Parente chooses to dive deeper into novel-writing in retirement or not, she has added much to her chosen field, not only with her novel, but also with her poetry (On Any Dark and Spooky Night), her shorter fiction (Audrey's Private Haunts) and her studies of pulp authors like Theodore Roscoe.... Pulp Noir is a rewarding read with many brilliant flashes which will remain in the memory of readers.


Audrey Parente   

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