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Jason Alan: 


                    Jason Alan was born and raised on Long Island, New York, where his childhood was                         immersed in developing his vast imagination. He grew up reading as many books as he                     could get his hands on, enjoying 1980’s science fiction movies, and commandeering his                         parents’ butcher block kitchen table for countless nights of Dungeons & Dragons role-                           playing. All of this played a huge part in influencing his creative writing skills.

                    Jason currently resides in Cape Coral, Florida, where he works as a graphic designer for a                     local publication. He is a co-founder and writer for the fan website, and writes an ongoing fantasy fiction article for Jason’s passion for writing is nearly equaled by his passion for music. He plays and records lead guitar with a variety of local bands, including the progressive instrumental project Mourning’s Hope.

Follow Jason on Facebook & Twitter @JasonAlanPhate

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