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Jason Kurek: 



                       Fans are calling the Chronoblood Chronicles the perfect blend of "The Lord of the Rings"                     and "Star Wars".


Terrynmen was a once magnificent realm that was sadly devastated by a terrible war between the armies of the living and the forces of the undead. Their final battle ended in a heinous catastrophe, which stopped the world from rotating, cursing half the planet in endless darkness and the other in scorching daylight. The defeated blood demons and other creatures of the night, found refuge on the cold, sunless side of the planet, while the victorious, mortal beings were forced to rebuild their once great cities in the sweltering, sunlit lands.


A millennium later, the forces of darkness have united under a mysterious leader and are preparing for the final annihilation of the mortal races. The only hope for the sunlit side of the planet is a young slave named Maxtix, who has been forced fight as a gladiator since childhood. Fortunately, Maxtix has a secret that has kept him alive through countless battles… but will it be enough to save the world?

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