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Jason R Jones: 


                                  Jason R Jones was born September 2 1975 and grew up in Monroe,                                     Wisconsin. Somewhere between rural adventures and small city life, he found                     a passion for all things mythological and ancient. His flair for short stories,                         poetry, drama, and fantasy has existed since he can remember. Born on the                         day of J R R Tolkien’s passing, Jason knew that one day he would have to spin                     tales of his own design. Notes and pieces of stories began to take form in the                       late 80’s and early 90’s, but they never developed into anything Jones was content to take seriously. The notebooks piled into the infamous green laundry basket, and collected dust and cobwebs for two decades, as the paper browned with the fading inks.


As friends planned college in 1994, Jones had little direction as to his future. Today, he is an honorable veteran of the United States Marine Corps and a loving father to his sons, Alexander, Adonis, and Mateo. The love of his life, Blanca, keeps him busy and inspired with Peruvian mystique. Jason is the oldest of four followed by Jeremy, Anya, and Cody and he has resided in Southwest Florida since the year 2000. He has managed and consulted to some of the best public and private restaurants in that area. Jones has won awards from both Wine Spectator and the CMAA for his wine lists. He took up saber fencing after the Marines, began competition, and eventually instructed in his spare time. Muay Thai kickboxing, swordsmanship, boxing, horseback riding, hiking, cooking, and exploring the outdoors all call to his spirit. Interests in fine dining, classical music, meditation, cigars, ancient history, movies, world religion, and mythology keep his mind in a constant whirl of thought.

In 2009, Jones brought the green laundry basket from the attic to the floor of his garage. The ink and paper at places was barely legible due to age. Yet, after a weekend of work, the eighteen plotted titles of The Exodus were laid out before him. After another few weeks, the detailed outlines for all eighteen novels were complete and set into four quartets with a duet finale. Six months later, The Exodus was written and released by AuthorHouse. From   there the title changed to The Exodus Sagas, as Jones began writing books two and three. By book four in 2012, as a self-published author, Jones saw his following grow. That led to Oloris Pubishing, a contract, and the change of the title in 2013 to The Last Pantheon. The re-release of the first book under The Last Pantheon series title finally came in 2015, with of spiders and falcons. The relationship with Oloris came to an end, and Jones has released of dragons and crowns, of ghosts and giants, and of hammers and storms on his own once more, which completes the first quartet of The Last Pantheon. He has named the first quartet The Exodus Sagas Quartet, so that his humble self-published beginnings and original titles are never forgotten.

In writing, Jason plans to bring out many tales of his own life hidden deep within his fantasy series. From personal struggles, to glorious achievements, with family misadventures, and hidden passions, the story of the author is woven into the pages. The cursed narrator of The Last Pantheon, Sodom Azarris, is far closer to Jones than the reader might think.

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