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   TJ MORRIS              


                        The Cathedral is an exciting new science fiction novel by TJ Morris. The                                     Cathedral combines high-concept speculation with fast action and                                             cliffhanger thrills. The Church becomes the predominant government body,                             and develops its own enforcement arm. Once their best "Cleanser" goe s                                   rogue, all Hell breaks loose. The Cathedral 

                        TJ MORRIS is a veteran of the US Airforce. He spent many days in the New Mexico desert during his youth. He has been married over thirty one years and is a father of three: two boys, one girl. In his life he has been a janitor, a carpenter, a diesel mechanic, an aircraft technician, a student, a teacher, and now a writer. His love of comics and science fiction /fantasy literature began when he was in sixth grade. This book marks the beginning of what he hopes to be a career in writing. He currently labors as an Algebra II and Advanced Mathematical Decision Making teacher at Lithia Springs High School in Lithia Springs, GA. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics (Secondary Education), a Masters in Instructional Technology, and is all but Dissertation on an Educational Doctorate. He coached Varsity Men’s’ Soccer team and has coached wrestling. TJ is an avid runner, bicyclist, and swimmer. He holds a federal firearms license, has built multiple motorcycles from scratch, and he competes in triathlons, marathons, and Ironman races, not the mention the Odd Zombie Run or Savage Race.


“An amazing first book from a newly published author. This work is very approachable by

even the most casual Sci-Fi fans. The author has put together a host of engaging

characters - each with a complex amount of depth. Like a chess grandmaster, the author left characters in reserve only to introduce them in the end in a devastating and fascinating manner. Many writers are able to weave an amazing story only for it to all fall apart at the end. His story started off strong and built from there. This book might have one of the most satisfying, leave 'em wanting more endings I've ever read.” Gary McEntire, Amazon review.





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